If you’re in the market for an office space to rent, what you choose is incredibly important to your business. Not only does it affect your day to day operations and your staff morale, but also your brand image. Below are some factors to consider when finding the ideal office space, absolutely crucial to the process. Overlook any one of these, and you could end up disappointed.

1. Location and accessibility: It is one of the most important aspects when choosing an office space. As a business owner, you need to ensure it is close enough for your team members to commute. For example, in city like Bangalore, infamously known for its traffic, getting stuck in traffic for hours can adversely affect productivity of your employees.

You also need to ensure that it is accessible by both public and private transportation, employees don’t have to worry about getting to and from work daily. Meanwhile, clients can find your office with ease. Another factor which can be considered is amenities nearby your location like restaurants, malls, banks, coffee shops etc. This could be helpful for both employees and business purposes.

2. Building Infrastructure: This is another important factor to consider. Some key infrastructure elements to lookout when renting an office space:

3. Rent: Rent of any real estate entity is primarily driven by its location. For example, if you choose to rent an office space in Bangalore, in central region i.e CBD which is at MG Road or Residency road, you are sure to be accessible from multiple premium regions in the city but rent is high for obvious reasons.

Also, determine whether you can afford the deposit and rent of the office space. You should also ask the landlord about the hidden costs (parking and maintenance) to budget well. Check whether the rental costs are in line with similar spaces in that area for great value on money. Weigh the basic amenities provided by the landlord or office provider against the rental prices to see whether they match. You should also compare prices from different landlords or office providers before settling on one that you can afford. You also need to ensure rental agreement clearly spells out all the services you will receive for the price and that there are no other additional or hidden charges.

4. Business support services: Strong business support services from day one equip you and your employees with a hassle-free environment and comfort without the need for running errands for everyday operations. As an employer, you do not require involving and spending in hiring the skilled and professionals support staff. You need to look for support services like IT, housekeeping, community, security, concierge and common areas (cafeteria, common meeting/conference room, lounges, gaming zone etc.)

5. Size: You need to evaluate your company’s current space requirement and potential future expansion. Take into consider spaces like formal working area (workstation area, meeting/conference rooms, cabins etc.), informal areas (breakout/collaboration, games, cafeteria or pantry area etc.) and ancillary spaces (storage, hub or server room, reception etc). It is important to keep in mind that employees need four key areas in the office where they can focus, collaborate, learn, and socialize. Employees who enjoy and like their work environments will be more engaged, productive, happy, and healthy.

No one wants to pay for space that is sitting empty, but at the same time it is costly and time consuming to relocate every few years. Hence, space requirement needs to be comprehended thoroughly.

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