Flickspaces helps individuals to get furnished office space in Whitefield. From several innovative startups to numerous big business organizations, we provide office spaces to all. Every client of ours can fulfill their ambition of starting their own office. In some of the best locations near the Whitefield area, you can rent office spaces. Within Bangalore, you would have the best office space.

Located in one of the parts of greater Bangalore, this place has its enigma. One cannot deny the fact that it is called the Major suburbs of Bangalore. This place happens to be the home of the Eurasian cultures during the 17th century. Due to that, the importance of this place rises at a zenith height. Because of this, the economic importance of this place is quite high.

Whitefield happens to be one of the focal points connecting a greater part of Bangalore. The railway station happens to be the veins of any City. Whitefield proved this statement correctly. Due to the great convenience of transportation, this region happens to be the best place to start your career. You can find convenient bus transport as well.

The presence of various villages in and around Whitefield makes it easier for you to settle your career out here. Some of these villages, namely Pattandur Agrahara, Vinayakanagara, Arthur, kadugodi, Hoodi, Thathanur, and many more, make this place ideal for residency. You will find all the basic amenities in and around the region of Whitefield.

Whitefield is considered to be a posh City. Due to this, the rent of this place is quite high. But with Flickspaces, you can afford your furnished office space in Whitefield. The advanced infrastructure adds up to the faster economic growth of this place. It is a reason why you should opt for setting up your space in Whitefield.

If you are thinking about your child’s career, then the educational centers in and around the white field region happen to be top class. With all this, keeping in mind, the Whitefield area is undoubtedly the best space for starting your career.


Though this place has a shortage of water, the whole region of Whitefield collects water from underground during the summer months. Our furnished office space provides you various facilities like high-security alerts, canteen, conference room, reception, fully decorated and most importantly 24 hours water supply.

You can also avail yourself the office spaces from 4500 square feet to 16000 square feet. We provide space to cater to every client’s needs and preferences.

Customer satisfaction happens to be one of the important concerns of our company. We try to provide our customers with the best according to their preference. If you have your own office space in the Whitefield region, you can gain new customers due to the interconnection of transportation and other facilities. Developing your office in the heart of the city of Bangalore can provide you with the best experience ever. You can also choose from corporate leasing or retail leasing accordingly. We offer the best to our clients.

You can also select from different policies, including the short term offices or the long term offices, at a very reasonable price. There are no formalities. All you need to do is to pay a reasonable deposit and get started with your new office. Try our renting services and set up your career in a place like Bangalore.

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