Flickspaces has become the best destination to rent office space in Bangalore. We have helped several businesses to find the perfect rental space for the work environment. From startups to big organizations, we have helped several businesses with our rental office rooms in Bangalore.

The electronic city Bangalore is known for its IT zones, advanced infrastructure, and several technology companies. From Infosys to Yokogawa Electric and Intel, several big tech companies have set up their offices in Bangalore. Then, why shouldn’t you take the right initiative to start your business?

Bangalore is the best destination to make your future career brighter. Nettur Technical Training Foundation, IFIM Business School, IHMR, and lots of other academic institutes are present in Bangalore. Bangalore can show you some strong reasons for choosing it as the perfect city to start your business. What’s more, we can provide you with the best office space to grow your business in the IT hub in India.

We understand that proper infrastructure plays an important role in faster and better economic growth. To grow your business, you need advanced infrastructure. That’s why Flickspaces has decided on providing a furnished workspace for your business. We have focused on the modern infrastructure that promotes the rapid growth of your business.

Added to that, railway transport, roads, and airports are some important factors adding advantages to your business. The northern Bellary Road, southern Hosur Road, and western Tumkur Road in Bangalore make the transportation system easier. You can draw clients from different parts of the city and develop your business within a short time. Choose an urban zone to rent your office space in Bangalore.

We have chosen thoughtful locations for our rental office spaces. We like to ensure that you will have no problem with the daily commute to your office.

You can find modern residential projects, like Ajmera Infinity, Concorde Manhattan, and Ittina Mahavir. Settle in a well-furnished, affordable apartment. The best residential constructions also include several modern amenities, like a swimming pool, gym, spa, and sauna. You can settle there and find our office space close to your accommodation.

We help you to locate the rental workspace near high-class restaurants, like Burgandy Grill- Crown Plaza, Royal Rasoi, and Ammi’s Biriyani. In your busy entrepreneurial life, when you look for a slight relief, you can go to a nearby restaurant.

We, at Flickspaces, help you to make your presence stronger in Bangalore. Our retail leasing and corporate leasing options will surely match your needs. You can make your presence stronger in the country.

As a startup, you may not like to invest in a property and construct a commercial building. The more cost-saving option for you is the rental space. The rental offices are spacious, ranging from 5000 to 30,000 square feet. Based on your needs, you can invest in the best office space in the city of Bangalore. You do not need to pay a high amount for the monthly rent.

Metro connects to almost all the locations from central business districts, and thus, daily commuting is easy for your employees from anywhere in Bangalore. The pandemic has made a difference in rental rates, and you will find a good deal. A-Grade accommodations are available at a standard rate. Moreover, there are short-term and long-term managed offices, hybrid offices, conventional offices, business centers available with a reasonable deposit.

We are one of the largest providers of A+ office space in Bangalore for several companies. Visit the official site of Flickspaces and look for the desired workplace.

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