Are you looking for office space in egl embassy golf links? If yes, then Flickspaces is the right place to go. Flickspaces offers you co-working spaces in different locations. Apart from providing co-working space, Flickspaces also offers you co-living spaces and office spaces. Unlike other property retailers, Flickspaces offers you affordable deals. Be it meeting rooms or dedicated desks; you get everything at Flickspaces.

The egl embassy golf link is one of the posh areas of Bangalore. It is a business park and lies in the heart of the city. This business park has a mixer of different corporate offices. As a result, you can easily choose your office space in egl embassy golf links. The place is 7km away from Central Business District, 5km from Indiranagar metro and 41km away from the airport. Thus keeping it connected to the rest of the city. Built next to the beautiful KGA golf course, it overlooks a vast lush green space.

Unlike any other, this office space in egl embassy golf links has huge areas of green covering it. The green areas are present due to the various steps taken by the business park-like rainwater harvesting and recycling waste management. If you’re looking for a top-notch space to work among greenery, then this should be your choice.

Besides giving such exquisite office space in egl embassy golf links, Flickspaces also ensures your safety during covid times. You will get facilities like ambulance services within the campus, improved cleaning services, touch-free dispensers etc. With all the secured parking you can keep your bikes/cars for long hours too. This space comes with various facilities like a 500 seat amphitheatre, Intra-Park Shuttle Bus Service, multi-level car parking facility, food courts etc.

Once you take office space in egl embassy golf links, you get all these amenities, including 24×7 CCTV surveillance. Many important buildings and Headquarters of many offices surround this particular place. Another important feature of this place is that it connects the city’s two most important IT corridors. The design of the six floored building makes sure that you have ample co-working space. The recreational space in the campus allows one to relax in between tough days! The office space comes with installed HVAC that allows for a more enhanced airflow in the area. Even if you choose this place during Covid times, it will be a good investment. Also, they take extra notice of the safety of employees working by installing and following various sanitization procedures.

The place might cost you a bit much compared to any other co-working space, but the place is worth the money. Even after having all the possible amenities/facilities at your disposal, the rent you have to pay is minimal. The office space in egl embassy golf links is selling like hotcakes almost to date; it has 17 occupiers. Various companies are going for this beautiful and high ended location for their office space. So without wasting any more time, contact Flickspaces now and get a hold of your own office space.

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