If you are looking for office space in Hebbal, then Flickspaces is the right place for you. With the help of Flickspaces, various big companies and startups have found rooms for their office. Hebbal lies in the extreme north of Bangalore and once used to be considered as the end.

Although Hebbal used to lie away from the city bustle before over the years, it has turned into one of the prime locations of Bangalore. For this reason, office space in Hebbal has been in high demand.

Hebbal has offices of big companies such as AstraZeneca, MRO Tech, and Integra Micro Software services. Office spaces in Hebbal have come into demand with the construction of Embassy Kirslokar Business Park as it has completely changed the perspective of the region. Nowadays, Hebbal is considered one of the fastest-growing commercial hubs.

Without a proper infrastructure establishment, it isn’t easy to grow your business. Having an office space in Hebbal will help the economic situation to get better at a faster pace. Flickspaces will offer companies with furnished workspace. Our main goal is to provide the clients with modern infrastructure rooms to help them grow their business.


Many companies have started to look for office spaces in Hebbal as the region consists of well-linked roads that spread all across Bangalore. Hebbal also has flyovers that connect ORR and Bellary road, which makes the area best for commuting. The flyovers create a maze and look beautiful during nighttime. These flyovers are constructed by Gammon India and are also considered as one of the best in the country.

People can also find some of the prominent government organizations in Hebbal, such as the University of Agri-Science, Veterinary College, Karnataka Agra Industries Corporation, Mahatma Gandhi Polytechnic, and the office of the directorate of Biological Control.

We have paid enough attention to choosing the office space in Hebbal, and you will find it easier to travel from this area to other regions.

Having health centers and hospitals makes it an excellent choice for people to rent an office. Hebbal has Bangalore Baptist Hospital and Columbia Asia Medical Center. Those looking for leisure places can find movie theatres and shopping areas such as Jayalaxmi, Janatha Bazaar, and Namby Deswara.

Many offices find it difficult to find suitable commercial space as Bangalore has a shortage. But in Hebbal, you can find all the main features that you need in a good commercial hub.

Flickspaces pays attention to their client’s needs, and for that reason, we have created two types of leasing, i.e., retail and corporate. With our office rooms, you can make your presence stronger.

Many startups do not have the fund to construct and build a commercial office in Bangalore. Those who do not have the budget but still want to own an office space should rent it from Flickspace. You can find an extensive range of rental spaces that varies from 5000 to 30000 square meters. Choose the office space in Hebbal that suits your requirement and pay an acceptable rent for it.

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