If you’re looking for a co-working space in Krishnarajapura, i.e. Krpuram, you might want to contact Flickspaces for office space in krpuram. They are the best in the market, as they provide reasonable deals to all the newbie entrepreneurs/freelancers and provide the best co-working space. Krpuram is becoming a new budding hub for many large MNCs, IT firms and a choice for many corporate offices. For those who don’t know where Krpuram is, it is on the outskirts of Bangalore city. Krpuram falls in the junction of ORR (Outer Ring Road) and Old Madras Road, thus keeping it always connected. And to make one’s travel more convenient, it is just 15km away from the railway station of Bangalore city.

If you’re new to Krpuram and wanna set up your new office, you can ask Flickspaces to show their office space in krpuram. They will show you the best co-working spaces and make sure that it is convenient to reach the place. Flickspaces makes sure that you have a place to stay near your office too. Nowadays, outskirts cities are becoming the first choice for many companies to set up their offices. The reason being it not only has great communication but also set amidst nature. The surroundings allow an opportunity to increase one’s business in the near future and allow its employees to enjoy a break amidst nature. To enhance the aesthetic beauty of the place, the Vengayyana Lake is present in the middle of the city.

Flickspaces office space in krpuram provides you with a co-working space service and a virtual office, private cabin, and co-living. Most companies/corporate businesses are choosing co-working. The reason being it proves to be not only cost-effective but also increases the productivity of a company. Unlike other office places where you’ve to pay bills differently for all the amenities you use, it’s all One Bill! When you choose a co-working space, you can give it up at the end of the month if you don’t like it.  Apart from providing modern working space, office space in krpuram has 24-hour security and other important facilities. Be it pantry chargers or a recreational room or air conditioners; all get included in one bill at the end of the month. The rent starts to form mere Rs. 3000 per month, making it the cheapest and easier to access for all the new companies.

In Krpuram you’ll find large corporate business house’s offices and many important government offices. Institutions like Bengaluru-East taluk’s Headquarters are in Krpuram. It also holds housing to many important government officials and is also a legislative/state assembly constituency. The name Krishnarajapura comes from the ruler of Mysore – Krishnaraja Wadiyar III. If you are looking for co-working office space in krpuram, it is better; you contact Flickspaces. For years now they have been providing services to many reputed IT firms, MNCs etc. you can easily contact them any time you want. Flickspaces customer support team works diligently to solve all your problems and is just a call/mail away.

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