Whether people in the office or away from the office work together. Organizations figure out how to weave a digital and physical experience together probably the teasing difficulty of our time.

Engagement and Mobility

Between large groups individuals and small different types of collaboration wants are thought of by every organization in this time, a number of solutions going ahead about spaces are of triple key factors which are fair to all people in the house and those who are remote. Mobility is crucial, Engagement of people as much as possible by creating spaces that allow it, ease to join a session as simple as possible, and another protocol where everyone needs to have the urge to learn accept and recognize new behaviors.

Flick spaces Concept of Hybrid office spaces in Bangalore

With employees looking for flexibility and independence towards their work, organizations are making their expectations clear along the road ahead, they understand the need to have some guidelines in place too. Flick spaces have encouraged organizations in creating a social bond between them and their employees which is the most meaningful thing one can do in this time. There is going to be an ongoing process and effort in learning as time goes by.

Flick spaces heads are aiming for cultural innovation and growth in hubs especially in the new age hybrid offices in Bangalore, with our team’s effort and conversations with many organization’s employees we are in no mood to say the office is going away the opposite has truly happened. The future workspace does not need to be bigger nor smaller or what ego metrics systems are used what matters more is the spaces that people come together going ahead.

Author: Mohd Tasleel

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