Receiving people in a Hybrid/Managed office in Bangalore, organization heads more fully intend to bring people together. Individuals have said that they interact with each other through a crevice where a small part is seen and the bigger picture is unnoticed all around them. They miss a lot of things that help them perform and where a lot of cultures unfold.

Organizations have built over the years culture ritualistically by seeing their colleagues, networking, and socializing Designs. Almost most don’t have those same formalities.

Design for people to return

Most people coming back to a hybrid /Managed office space will be eagerly missed all the energy being around and can’t wait to be with their fellow colleagues.   The question is will they be surprised with the spaces they were returning to will have a lot of safety measures in place.

To spring a thought can an organization, have culture without a coffee? They might be able to bring individuals together or a virtual meeting but knocking into each other and coming through a diverse assessment or strolling around watching what’s going on the other side of a meeting is beyond reach.

Organizations have started to think about how to make use of the underutilized space like the café by drawing back people up there and the more they come the more will others come as well.

Flick spaces Upgrades for Hybrid/Managed  offices in Bangalore

We have been working with designers in custom-built offices to set up spaces during the past months for people to do a number of things for collaborating, socializing and still be distanced with entry to the devices they need to get work done.

We have been engaging with service companies for food delivery and pickups were bringing together furniture and social hubs we have a prototype in place which is very flexible so if the need arises Essentials can move through the campus. We are actively engaging with major builders and service providers and facilitating them with a number of organization’s requirements.

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