Office space in Prestige Tech Park

Technologically advanced office space in prestige tech parkis available now.The Prestige Tech Park is a new Tech, and Business campus launched on Outer Ring Road near in the Marathalli-Sarjapur area.It is designed for companies in the software and technology industry as well as commercial offices. A new campus with international standards, this spot offers some of the latest shared working spaces with must-have features.

Beautiful landscapes, numerous commercial and residential areas make this place more in-demand when it comes to searching out office space in prestige tech park. This location is a quality work area with exceptional architecture, clean steel and glass aesthetics, and good connectivity.

Prestige Tech Park is located in the crux of Outer Ring Road, close to other well-known business hubs, facilities, and communities. The expanse of the building is filled with open landscapes, multiple floors, and massive congregational spaces. It is also functional too; with building management controls, recreational areas, and 24×7 securities.

Anyone looking for office space in prestige tech parkcan consider Flick Space. This is the company that offers very affordable rates here in the form of co-living and co-sharing spaces. Recently, shared commercial property isin demand by start-ups, entrepreneurs, and MNCs as there are lots of advantages to enjoy. 

  • Easier commute

The Prestige Tech Park is connected by major public transport systems like auto, metro, bus, etc. Traveling to and from work is more convenient as it is in a well-populated metropolis.

  • Additional services

All of the in-house services that you need are ready for you. Simply call each time hot beverages, cleaning, and other maintenance are required.

  • Luxurious infrastructure

Co-working is maintained well to ensure 100% functionality, so you don’t need to worry about it.

If you are enthusiastic about finding your spot or office space in prestige tech park in one of Bangalore’s bustling IT hubs the easy way, you’re in luck. Flip Spaces is one real estate agency that provides shared spaces – for working or living – to companies of all sizes. 

Co-working is a method of professional working where multiple offices or people work under the same roof independently. It is an economical alternative when searching for an ideallocation that has all the benefits one could think of.

Instead of renting out a traditional office, dealing with paperwork hassles, and ending up with less than ideal areas, try Flick Spaces. This company resolves the additional costs and extra paperwork and gives you a co-working space to grow your brand without the extra tensions.

Flick Spaces portfolio lists properties in and around the Prestige Tech Park and other areas of Bangalore. These are swanky offices that enhance productivity, have the necessary certifications, 24×7 security, and plug and play setup. Locations are ready for entrepreneurs, start-ups, professionals,andstudents to move in. This reduces the time spent moving into your new workspace, and the effort spent getting your equipment setup.  

Flickspaces has co-living option that may be suitable for students and professionals that need affordable housing options. Co-living spaces are located closer to the Prestige Tech Park to reduce commuting time.

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