Brilliant Flick spaces

Tasleel of Flickspaces is an amazing Professional to work with, He has a very smart Methodology in Representing his firm as well as hiscustomers. He made my move as simple and managed all the counterfeits with excellence. With the right Professional ethics, a thorough rolemodel, I am pretty sure he will do great in the future. Complete Pleasure to deal with Flick spaces and I would highly recommend him.
Steve Antony
CTO– In5 tech

Incredible Flick Spaces

Tasleel is incredible his attention to detail criteria is brilliant. You pay a small visit and his service pays off. The last 2 inspections spotted various corrections that developers needed to complete and it was tasleel who pointed out the variations that perfectly was required to suit my organization’s needs. Thank you Tasleel Great job . I do recommend him anytime. Well satisfied.
Nithyanand Kamath
Finance Director – Cast Software

Wonderful Job from Flickspaces

It does not matter what I say it will never be enough to describe Tasleel how professional and helpful together with honesty. This gentleman is literally trustworthy. He had completed my transaction and finished my job from A to Z. he understands every little thing about Office Infrastructure to suit my Company’s Needs. Very Transparent and honest Person to deal with in Bangalore. Well done! And thank you. You are Most Recommended.
Ganesh Kumar
Admin & Facilities – Datagenicgroup.com

Management Exceeded My Expectations

Flick spaces is a courteous and Excellent Service provider headed by a Professional Individual Tasleel with amazing Knowledge of the present Environment. it was a great relief to work with him as he offered in dept reasons based on Infrastructure as well as value for my time . Simply Exceeded my expectations. Thank you Tasleel for your Magnificent work . I have Recommend him for all Commercial Transactions in my firm and recommend further for those who want to engage in office requirements.
Rohith Mohanakumar
CTO - hoefliger.com

Outstanding Work by Flick spaces

Tasleel is an outstanding Personal to work with,He heads Flickspaces a Renowned Space Provider in Bangalore India. Skilled careful listener, negotiator with in dept knowledge of the local markets I had come across one of his listing on the net and wanted to check it out. In no time I found myself in the very space I seen online. I am excited about Recommending Tasleel and Team as it was just a joy to work with them. A big thank you Tasleel . You have all the potential to outclass your competitors I recommend him with out doubt.
James Sanoj
Admin & Facilities - total.com

Best Upgraded Office with Flick Spaces

I would highly Recommend Tasleelfrom Flick Spaces if you are looking to upgrade your office in Bangalore. He gave me helpfulsuggestions on how to Upgrade my office. I followed many of his ideas and to my amazement it was amazinglygood. Before approaching Flick Spaces, I had been to many Agents in Bangalore, and must say Tasleel was the most Knowledgeable with in dept market analysis, he helped me to get my work done in just a matter of days, he had shown me more than 15 offices in a single day addressing all our Concerns, I felt like he was one working together in my company. If you are looking for a quality Firm, I would recommend Tasleel of Flick spaces you will not regret the hospitality and service. A Big thank you to you Tasleel and Team.
Keng Yew Lim
Admin & Facilities @ getronics.com